Meilner Mechanical Institute

The Meilner Institute is dedicated to imparting knowledge through high quality practitioner-led learning. Our one-of-kind curriculum uses a multipronged approach to cover each dimension involved in facility boiler system operations.

Our accelerated one-day learning conferences are designed to provide attendees with key information regarding boiler system operations. At the end of each conference, participants receive a certificate of completion as an acknowledgment of their time and achievements.

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2017 School Facility Manager Conference

  • “Very nice program.  I recommend this conference!”
    – Bill Kruse, Zion Benton High School (Illinois School Facility Manager Conference, July 2017)
  • “The seminar was very informative.  Very good presentations, and the speakers were very knowledgeable.  I recommend this conference.”
    – Scott Vieu, Berwyn North District 98 (Illinois School Facility Manager Conference, July 2017)