Neglected Boiler System Leads to Tragedy

explosion.pngImage Credit: St. Louis News 4

An explosion that took four lives at a facility in St. Louis last April has been linked to a neglected boiler. According to St. Louis News 4; “On April 3, a 2,000-pound water storage tank rocketed out of the Loy-Lange Box Company, flew more than 500 feet and landed in the Faultless Linen Company. The exact cause is still under investigation.”

Though vessels are required by law to be inspected annually; according to St. Louis News 4 the system in question had not been inspected since 2011.

To read more on this story visit St. Louis News 4’s website.

A note from a Meilner Mechanical Institute presenter:
Only proper maintenance and inspection can prevent the dangerous operating conditions from developing. Though safety devices are designed to prevent dangerous conditions from turning into disasters, all boilers require common maintenance activities.



Carbon Monoxide: Little Leak, BIG Problem.

Students Sick .jpgPhoto Credit: The Chicago Tribune

After a malfunctioning component on a Chicago Public School’s boiler led to a carbon monoxide gas leak that sickened nearly 80 children and adults last October, the building is getting a new boiler.

The Chicago Tribune quoted district CEO, Forrest Claypool, stating;

“a series of cascading accidents and errors” led to the gas leak. The sequence of errors included: a malfunctioning component on the building’s boiler, an unplugged carbon monoxide detector, a fire door that should have been closed was left open and a fresh-air door that should have been open was closed.

According to The Chicago Tribune “Fire crews were called to the school the morning of Oct. 30 after reports of a sick child in the gym, and soon discovered high levels of carbon monoxide in the building. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening.”

To read more on this story visit The Chicago Tribune’s website.

Note from a Meilner Mechanical Institute Presenter:
A Center for Disease Control statistic sights an average of 430 non-fire related carbon monoxide deaths in the US each year. Though many boiler systems feature a Carbon Monoxide feature, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We recommend installing an additional Carbon Monoxide Detector at least 15 feet away from your boiler or heater system. The detectors should be checked every 6 months and replaced every 5 years.